Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Beginning to loose weight.

So it has come to my attention that I am a tad overweight. I haven't been feeling great at all lately regarding my figure or my looks and I am in fact, the heaviest I have ever been.

As a result I have joined up at weight watchers with my mum. I am hoping that together we will be more successful. I intend to get down to at least 68kg. This has caused me to think a lot about how I approach 'changing' myself.

So many people say; you should be happy with who you are no matter what you perceive your flaws to be. Does that sentiment really encourage positive thinking about changing yourself? It might be a good band-aid option for short term happiness. It certainly helps for things we cannot change. Though from what I have experienced, it does encourage complacency as well as acceptance.

I think I can demonstrate my point by referring to my recent change in speech. For all of my life the attitude towards my speech impediment has been 'oh, it is a part of you. It makes you individual. You should be happy with who you are.'

I have been bullied, marginalized and depressed because of this 'individual' quirk for as long as I have been 'accepting its part of who I am' and after carrying it around for decades do you know how easily I was able to change it? With the help of a speech pathologist I was talking sensibly in less than a month. I can barely call it an achievement! It was such a short and easy process.

I have learned that change is good. Wanting to change something in yourself only leads to self improvement. Pick out the things you find hard to accept in yourself and rather than forcing more acceptance, take positive and sustainable steps to change. Why should I have to be big when I have the potential to be as thin and healthy as other girls? I am not happy with fat Tash. I am going to change her.


  1. You go, Tash! :) Very awesome and motivational. :)

  2. Great to hear. The best of luck with the new direction.

    On side note. I am starting a blog again. Would like to see people reading it :) (Horrible self advertisement I know.)

  3. Change that comes from within is good. I too lost weight, about 40 lbs (on weight watchers by the way). Since then I am a much happier and healthier person. Good luck.